Why is Passion Important?

14th January 2017

It’s another lazy afternoon ,you know the one’s you encounter when Winter is slowly going away and the flowers are nonchalantly blooming, it’s supposed to be beautiful but spring “there’s still time my friend”, The warm yet pleasant glimmer from the star is in my bedroom, it’s just the most tranquil scene you see, As a kid when I’d be forced to take naps in the afternoons, I’d convince myself albeit falteringly that the whole world goes to take rest and so should I, and so was the present spectacle such, but in divergence  to all this my soul was in a frenzy.

“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing”.


All my life. I haven’t really the fittest specimen that has existed on Earth, those who have known me for more than 3 years would tell you accounts with a good laugh of me not being the most majestic embodiment of our race, But that story my friend is probably for another day, So as I sat on the bed all I could think of was about reaching the gym and before you tag me as one of those ‘Gym Freaks’ let’s just read through this first, something about lifting awakens me and there’s this electrifying rush about it for me, it’s just the training you see, You’re going in everyday, you’re putting in all your energy to get some PRs, (Personal Records) you’re competing with tons of other people young at their hearts giving in their all in the room, Let’s me just state that it takes a lot of Discipline, just say the discipline a martial artist has, it’s not just an hour that you spend their, it’s a lot about the lifetime you adopt cleaning eat, being as truthful as you are to your sport to everything you do in your life.

Thus, Coming back to the main point of all this, Passion you see my friend, is not just about this one thing that you do, it eclipses in a positive way the other things that you do too, Have you ever thought what makes Cristiano Ronaldo work so hard to be in optimal conditions all over the year, is it just the money, or is there something more? what do you think made Micheal Jackson practice a single move at least a 100 times till he felt satisfied? What do you think made Muhammad Ali last 15 rounds against Joe Frazier in 1975? What do you think made Federer make a comeback at 35 years to win the Australian Open? What? It’s the passion that they have for their various Disciplines that sets them apart the passion to rise above the rest, that passion that makes you get goosebumps, that passion that gives you energy to come out on top of whatever may the situation be. That thing that burns deep inside you that makes you get up everyday to go out and achieve what you’ve always wanted is your passion. That passion we all have in us. Maybe it’s just waiting to be found, on a finishing note as The Louisville Lip said,

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

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How to get up and get started?

July 30th 2016

It was just another Saturday today and 4 of my alarms had gone off and needless to say I had been oblivious to them I opened my phone’s screen and it said 4:45, and I Suddenly had another one of those moments where you feel that since you didn’t make that perfect start to the day at precise 4 o’clock your day won’t be good, anyways the being lazy and telling myself take it easy it’s a Saturday I plugged in my Earphones and thought I’d just listen to some music before I get up brush up study a little and hit the gym, maybe not study I contemplated, I’ll manage tomorrow I guess I mean it’s not that I have a lot of backlog do I?

“Praying won’t do it
Hating won’t do it
Drinking won’t do it
Fighting won’t knock you out
Of my head”

The Wanted

Even though I was half dazed and in no mood to pay attention this caught my ingenuity and something told me to get up, and study a little, and trust me what a big effort it was just to write down a few liners about the day in current affairs I didn’t feel like doing anything but I did get up and I did hit the gym, Now truthfully speaking I don’t remember how that day went I don’t even remember how yesterday went but I do remember this incident and it taught me something, something very simple.

I’ve always been into making big schedules and bigger plans always telling myself that no matter what I’d make it and life would be a fairytale because well everything is supposed to be my way isn’t it so


Life doesn’t work according to you and all these really big plans you make which always seem to get postponed indefinitely, there must be something we must be doing wrong, right? Well coming back to the point and why I told you about that rather palpable morning incident is that you need to seize whatever you have in the moment It doesn’t matter you wake up at 4:00 or 4:15 or 4:45 what matters is when you’re up how fast do you get to work, how fast and how dexterously you make the most of the time you have, then hit the gym or whatever you want to do,just do it!

All of us strive to achieve something in our lives I’ve seen people dream about becoming amazing, they want to look like their favourite fitness model, they want to earn like their favourite CEO, they want what others have, yet they aren’t ready to work for what they want!

Okay, here’s the thing and I want you to understand this and it’s pretty simple too, what is the One thing the One thing common between you and the world’s let’s say most successful man? (whatever your definition of success may be) The one commonality between them and between you is that both of you have 24 hours in  a day. Just 24 hours. Not months, not the years, just 24 hours, and the difference? They make the most of it and you didn’t.

Honestly this isn’t anywhere as good as one of those Youtube vids where you’re supposed to get the chills and get motivated and work but you end up watching tons of others and wasting your time, it’s just an honest write up because I believe nothing is impossible, You can do whatever you set your mind to, and I swear I’m not kidding.

So how about I end this now and you go and get what you want? Go get what you deserve just remember this though, In a day, In those 24 hours every hour you waste, you’re wasting 1/24th a chance of becoming a better person at the end of that day, waste 2 hours and poof you just lost 1/12th of what you could’ve been, so

” Now if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth. But ya gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody! Cowards do that and that ain’t you! You’re better than that! “

Rocky Balboa.

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Hi there! I am Jibran, I am 19 years old, except if you’re not reading this in 2017, and if you’re reading this later I’m older. (Basic Maths Skills). So as I sat one day very tired, extremely bored with how my life was going I decided that I needed to change things a bit, I mean most of us die and I don’t know for sure, but the more I think about it I feel a lot of people on their Death beds would not have achieved what they wanted to do in life, Life is so precious yet so fragile, ask yourself have you achieved what you set out to do? I did the same and so here I am to account every thing that I’d do to make a change, to be more positive, to spread love and talk about motivation and what drives people, to also account lives of people who have achieved something, to talk about stuff that affects a lot of people and to blog about every new challenge I take up! Here’s to life and living it to be the best in what we do! (Sounds over Enthusiastic) good. (By the way I crack a lot of lame jokes) (A lot of ’em) ( I mean so many of ’em) (that if I had a penny for each of them I cracked people would start laughing at them).

Peace Out 😀

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What if I told you

As the new G eazy track plays in the background I sit in the well lit room, a little chill in my feet the winters are cold this year, I wonder where we are,what have we become,where did we come from?

16 Months Ago”

The results were out, and it all felt like it’s going down the drain,the life you’ve dreamed of, the relationships you’ve always protected,the self esteem you were very proud of, everything slowly going down the drain, and when I say this, I hope you understand I’ve seen all this upfront, his boards had been flunked, all his friends were in college,he’d just been dumped and somehow it didn’t feel right, it felt like all has failed. Can we go back to the start, he’d keep asking himself everyday, how though? No one seemed to know.

10 Months Ago”

He has set himself into this robotic routine, wakes up at 4, goes to the gym, then back to work, somehow he never seems to be getting the results, has no one to share his thoughts with, sits in restaurants  every Sunday solving his maths Books, telling himself everything will be alright, Why won’t it be? Will it be? Why can’t I find someone who I can talk to, it was a very strange Isolated phase, but it built himself back maybe.

What if I tell you right now,everything you’ve ever dreamed of will come true,What if I tell you when Paolo Coelho says the Universe conspires for you,it actually does so, what if I tell you heartbreaks don’t last forever, and you’d find someone who puts up all your pieces back again and you’d be perfect again, What if I tell you  need to take a deep breath and let all your problems out,and you’d be better. I totally get it, it’s tough, targets eat you up,they consume your day and night,they take up your mind all the time, and if you can’t reach them they leave you dry and disappointed,but what if I told you you’ll learn to value your results even more,and what if I told you everything will be alright, and your dreams will come true.

As he looks up from his laptop,having written the blog something hits him,how is a reader supposed to read this and feel it’s the right thing afterall it does seem like a motivational writeup by a random person,how is this supposed to be true? What if I told you my friend,everything you’re going through I’ve been there, i’ve been anxious, nervous, dissapointed,hurt and heartbroken, and everything you’d associate with, and guess what someday I might go through all this all over again,but what If I told you all through this struggle called Life, you’ll win and your dreams will come true.

Is this alright he asks her as he looks up, she looks back and smiles at him, at this moment he knows, there isn’t much needed,it’s calm to stare into those eyes,it’s peaceful and heals you somehow,I think it’s amazing she tells him, You’re my homie you know that right? He tells her as she’s wrapped in his arms and the night descends. 

What’s college like?

“God damn this dusty room,

This hazy afternoon

I’m breathing in this silence like never before

This feeling that I get, 

this one last cigarette, 

as I lay awake for you to come through that door.”

As he sits alone in the drawing room just back after 3 months of college to home, the first thing that somehow everyone seems to have been wanting to know is about how college has been, well then before the memory fades he plans to think about how clear and what has actually happened.

When asked the same repetitive answer is belted out more effeciently each time about how the Infra is great you see, we get a lot of freedom to do what we want as there are a lot of debates and moots to explore, you see the teaching might not be the best but it still is an avenue for better stuff tommorow, to be true this wasn’t totally false, but it was as far from the truth as could be. How could someone actually just limit an experience which was according to him quite beautiful to such a short paragraph which had no hope, no dissapointment, no passion all the emotions which were well so strong in his college.

“You forgot but I remember this

Stranger, stranger , stranger things have happened before”

College started by calling up his parents and telling them how he knew he quute really didn’t fit in, and friends were few and how this was not right.

Slowly tho, those peers became who started laughing with him, circles always remained small just became tighter, slowly he found people he felt he belonged with, and things shaped up the way they are.

Yes it is true the Infra is great, climb up the roof at night time and you’ll get the clearest sky and coolest breeze. Yes there is a lot of freedom about what you do,you do debating, and you fall in live with it maybe, you make a team which fits well with you, you idolise certain debaters who you emulate and want to be like in the future, yes you moot also, you spend months preparing and feel like dissociating yourself with everything in the last few days before submissions, yes there are other kinds of freedoms too, you get to choose, you get to decide what is to be taken uo and what is not to be done, you start accepting different points of view, you start respecting new views, you see things you’ve never seen before. Yes teachin is not great, but also the fact that he’s learned to sleep through all his classes while gaining attendance is some other level of education that takes place.
Anyhow how could you describe in words when you go on to whip your opposition team uo in a debate, how does one describe you amazingly pumping it is when your whole contingent cheers for yo, hiw coukd the warmth of a senior be described when they care for you like their younger brother, how could words describe the love he had for his small circle of his friends, how would words tell you how after his first drink him and his friend sat and laughed about people’s facebook photos, how will he ever tell you all the connections that have become stronger in this time. How could he?

Oh wait maybe he just did.

The All Nighter

“When my time comes, Forget the wrongs that I have done, Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed, And don’t resent me,And when you’re feeling empty, Keep me in your memory, Leave out all the rest

“Chester is dead guys” Shaurya said looking up from his phone for a second all the color from Rohan’s face was gone. “Kyaa?” He said as if his ears had just heard something which was not possible, Aditya checked his phone hoping to confirm it’s just another rumor , unfortunately that night it wasn’t. Rahul sat not wanting to believe ehat had just happened. Guys pull out the ciggs we’re pulling off an all nighter tonight. This wouldn’t have sounded like the best idea to someone who wasn’t there but then someone who they all looked upto had just gone away, someone who had made an entire generation feel safe, Somehow Shaurya didn’t have any emotional support , Aditya felt alone, and Rahul didn’t know who he’ll listen to when he wanted to be reassured that life will be just fine. 

This can’t be true , Aditya said as a tear rolled down his eye , not one of those tears when you’re crying but one of those where you don’t want to cry and you just want to hold in your emotions but they find a way out. The other  three agreed , Let’s not talk about it anymore Rahul said, no one said something, but somehow he realised they had agreed to what he said. How’s your crush Shaurya?

“My eyes are no good without her, The way she moves I never doubt her, When she talks she somehow creeps into my dreams,She’s a doll, a catch a winner,I’m in love no beginner , Could never grasp or understand what she means”

“I don’t like her guys” Shaurya retors , you’ve been saying that all week you dumbass Aditya retors. He loves her Rahul breaks into a laughing fit, they look to Rohan hoping he’d come up with something witty to say, but the dedicated Linkin Park fan had already found solace in his bed, and the Pillow was wet with the pain of his memories. The others hoping that they don’t disturb his sleep closed the lights and sat admiring the night sky, My dad used to beat me up, Shaurya said not thinking probably half in his sleep, My dad left my family once Rohan said, This isn’t a sympathy game guys, Aditya pointed out let’s just talk about this guy’s crush no he said as he eased himself into Rahul’s bed tired with all the football practices, arre why are you guys lying mein batata hoon na don’t fall alseep alright. We won’t Rahul looks up and says. We’ll pakka go jogging tommorow infront of the Girl’s hostel at 5 that’s my promise. Okay ,  Shaurya says, You know I was thrown out of the house also once, Don’t tell her that man Aditya says, won’t work, See guys , she’s nice and I have a good friend for now Shaurya makes his concluding remark.

Fair Enough then the others agree. Oye I’ll tell you guys a ghost story? Rahul asks, the other two young men nod because well they till had to be awake for another 4 hours. The night became quiter , as they talked about Djins, Premonitions, Ghosts in Boardings, ghosts on rooms which always stayed empty and what not. Hey, listen the I’ve heard people find you cute here, Shaurya says, why don’t you talk to some of them man? He’s gay with me Aditya protests, Rahul starts laughing, but you have a girlfriend Adi, not just a girlfriend dude she’s more than that , but what’s your scene dude?

“I’m here without you baby, but you’re still on my lonely mind, I think about you and dream about you all the time,I’m here without you baby but you’re still in my dreams”

I’m just not that into anyone, never been actually, people we have a fuckboy here Shaurya says jokingly, Hahah yeah sure, Adi says, have you seen his face, all three of them start laughing, there’s a girl Rahul says. Na he’s lying acha if she’s there tell me about her. Well the half sleepy, half high guy started talking,

“Arre guys say hi to Vp he’s washing his face here,” Dude you’re high you’re not in the bathroom, arre he is here Rahul says, okay he’s not he starts laughing, He’s gone crazy Shaurya chuckles.

So there’s  this girl, and I don’t know she’s not like the prettiest girl, yet she’s the prettiest I’ve known, Somehow all my life I’ve had this idea what a perfect girl should be she isn’t anything like that, yet she’s the most perfect I’ve ever seen, She has this thing about her you know, like when I started talking to her, All I wanted to do was to just keep talkimg to her for all my life, like this conversation I have with her, It doesn’t have a start or an end it just keeps on going and I never want it to end. When you look at her you just want to look at her and not talk but look at her and not look away but  just sit and admire how amazing she is as a person. That’s all about her. Dude that’s amazing Shaurya taps his hand. Dude that’s soooo gayyy. Aditya laughs it off. Why are you homophobic man, I’m not it was a joke dude. Chill guys. Hey look the sun is coming up. Oh we have to jog no.?

And as the Sun’s rays hit the pavement 3 guys in their joggers jogged towards the girl’s hostel

What I’ll miss

“So so you think you can tell?

Heaven from hell

Blue skies from pain

Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?

A smile from a veil?

As the song plays on he shifted between the multiple social media sites with no purpose at all maybe just in a state where he didn’t know what he was supposed to   do. He probably messaged a few friends “are you up?” Being the staple getting responses from people he didn’t really want to talk to at this hour it was 2 already on a summer Saturday night.  

“Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts

Hot ashes for dreams?”

As the song continues something tells him it’s the perfect time to get out of this bed and go over and switch open the Tv, afterall wha else is to be done at 2 in the night? So he goes over and somehow the 70’s show is on, He goes over gets something to eat probably a left over snack that he wanted to eat for so long and sits, laughing on Fez’s jokes or thinking how beautiful is the whole Micheal Jackie story in real life. As he sits there something strikes him it’s 3 in the night and with nobody around such thoughts do come to one’s mind you know, He’s leaving for college in another week, and trust me it has been one long wait here, but then he still thinks about the evening he just spent.

“Hey you, out there in the cold

Getting lonely getting cold

Can you feel me?”

It was a family dinner nothing fancy to be true, his aunt was leaving the next morning and she felt the need for a small gettogether the night before and it was a pretty simple dinner, you know the one’s where the food is simple and the people are numbered and the conversations aplenty. As he sat there on his couch eating some food he remembered all that had happened, somehow he felt that night was beautiful. It was just his grandmothers  recountig old stories with his mother and aunt joining in, stories he had heard a hundred times before but this time he just wanted to listen to them, as he sat near his grandmother as she played with his hair, all he wanted was to make that moment last, last for a long time, that feeling of being home, of feeling secure he wished he could always have it as he heard all those stories he wondered when will he hear them again?

“Hey you, standing in the aisles

With itchy feet and fading smiles

Can you feel me?”

Isn’t red funny? He thinks as he has somehow been able to come out of that small flashback he had, Am I in Love? That might just explain why I’m awake he thinks, nah not really his head tells him, it’s just the bad pillow, he agrees reluctantly our guy here you see has always had a penchant for some drama.

As the night slowly progresses, he sits there still on that Sofa wondering when will this be back? These nights where he couldn’t sleep and he could sit and watch Tv. 

Those days when he’d just be close to his folks and he could just find comfort in their hugs, when will he hear a story from his grandmother again? When will he be able to take a quiet evening walk around the area again? When? As he sits there and time passes he continues thinking, but then something tells him isn’t it good enough that he remembers all this? Isn’t it good enough that he can remind himself of all the warmth and love there has been? As he checks the Tv he realises this Tv show will go on till 6, “I ain’t waking up till then for sure” packs up and leaves for the bed sure enough that he’ll fall asleep. Let me just check my  phone once before I sleep though”.

If today was your last day?

“My best friend gave me the best advice He said each day is a gift and not the given right”.

As the Nickleback track played the 12 year old  boy lay on his back on the sofas in the empty drawing room, there wasn’t much to do, the sun was at it’s hottest, the room too wasn’ the coolest, the boy had a strange habit too no fans would be turned on and he’d read his favourite novels, those were probably the last of those summers when Enid Blyton made sense to him, he was unsure of himself wasn’t proud of how he looked either, and all he’d want was a change, lying there all afternoon as his back would sweat he’d lie and read. As other kids would have better things to do, Oh there were such nice things to do, there was swimming, Oh but he couldn’t swim, there was football, but well he hardly could run, there was well tennis, Oh yes sure as if he’d fall for the family pressure to stand infront imprint of a wall and hit a ball aimlessly, so he’d just lie down and read, hoping someday he’d change himself.

“Would you leave each moment like your last Leave your pictures in the last? “

As he stood there shaking he could see the disappointment in his folks eyes, Oh how it was veiled in that soft face of his mother’s it’s alright there’s so much you can do, his father cracked some of his usual jokes, everything that made him laugh didn’t work today, he had probably become everything he ever wanted to be, he was stronger much stronger than he had been, now his legs didn’t really give up you know when he ran not did his breath lose out , hitting the wall seemed to be a cathartic experience every time,yet  he wasn’t able to live up to what was expected aren’t there any fairy tale endings he’d ask himself so many times. Oh didn’t I pray enough to the right Gods? Or was it someone else’s fault yes it always is isn’t it?

Was it the breakup? Oh it must’ve been that what else? There were so many things yet this whole idea of who he thought he was the perfect person he thought he had become came crashing down that day. Wasn’t he still that small fat kid lying in some corner of the house in some sofa?

“Leave no stone Unturned

Leave your Fears behind

The first step you take will be your longest stride

Against the grain should be your way of life

What’s worth the prize is always worth the fight”

It’s been a long time, he said to himself maybe not the best but worth it? He had learnt nothing was absolute, and nothing lasted forever, and disappointments were just stepping stones if you didn’t wear them as cloaks over you, he hadn’t got what he wanted, maybe not even near but was happier to have reached closer, closer than he’d ever been before, it was more beautiful  than he had ever thought it would be, made him think of all those times that he’d wanted it, and today if he didn’t have it all he still had a part of it, which was precious enough to him.

“Would you forgive your enemies?

Would you finally fall in love?

If today was your last day 

Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?

You know it’s never too late regardless of who you are “

So as the Nickleback track played along still repeating those words of wisdom it had he got up from the sofa, decided to change that t-shirt for good and walked out.

“If today was your last day

And tommorow was too late

Could you say goodbye to yesterday?

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